What Is Life Really Like In Iceland

 What Is Life Really Like In Iceland

How Powerful Are The Nordic Countries?

Despite harsh winters and economic decline, Iceland ranked third on the UN's 2016 World Happiness Report. So what makes Icelanders so happy?

What Is Life Really Like In Iceland

That rank is proportional to its small population. If iceland had its suicide counted by the number of suicides, then then it would be a nation with on of the least number of suicides
Romania is about 90% orthodox, although it ranks somewhere at the bottom. The problem here is not the muslims, but the gypsies. We feel ashemed to travel in Europe because the media created a bad image about Romania. Everyone who know elementary history understands that gypsies are not romanians at origins and they are coming from Pakistan and India. The use their own language, flag, customs and so on. They reached the south-eastern Europe in 12th-14th century and by that time Romania was divided in 3 pricipalities: Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania.


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