12 Days on Iceland Ring Road Trip

12 Days on Iceland Ring Road Trip

12 days on Iceland's Ring Road in our Happy Campers van!

Loving the crispness of your shots! What lens did you have on your 7D for this trip? Thinking of picking up something like a 60D or 70D for the quality over the Rebel series.

can't wait to see all these treasures! Beautiful editing and music choices! So much work, When I had my first 5k in the bank I wanted to go to Iceland. My wife wanted to open a IRA. So in 50 years both of us will be dead and you will have seen Iceland

12 Days on Iceland Ring Road Trip

epic adventures in beautiful Iceland with your sweetheart Mara. نقل عفش You two are great couple! This brought back many great memories of 3 months camper van trip to New Zealand.

My boyfriend and I were just in Iceland last December, but only for a 3 day lay over. We had enough time to visit the blue lagoon and drive the golden circle, but next summer we were planning on driving the ring road and camping as well. I was just wondering how much you guys spent on gas (and average total expenses), since the prices are outrageous. Really enjoyed your video and made me miss Iceland even more than I already did before.


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