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icelandic to english, How to speak Icelandic

Join David’s Been Here as they travel around all the top sites, coolest destinations and most unique stops in Iceland. In this short video, سناب انستقرام احلام David joins his friend Raquel at the Green House for a few local language lessons. Planning a trip to Iceland? Then watch along to pick up a few Icelandic Language Tips (locally known as Islenska). From basic conversation bits and polite words to animals, foods and landscapes, learn some Icelandic phrases to make your holiday to Iceland a bit more… local!
Icelandic to Englishمطاعم الكويت A few people get the hang of it before long, for others these words keep being difficult to proclaim. (FYI, Icelanders don't utilize surnames however simply include - dóttir (little girl) or - ( صور حداد ) after one of their parent's first name, ordinarily the father's name. I.e. my dad's first name is Gunnar, consequently I am Gunnar's girl = Gunnarsdóttir).
How to speak Icelandic Join David's Been Here as they …